Project Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions

Our project Analytics and Business Intelligence solution can be implemented as a stand-alone service using your current planning, scheduling and project control function in place or in combination with our own outsourced planning and scheduling function.

Often companies have excellent planning and project control measures in place on a project but they struggle to extract concise, relevant and meaningful data from their schedules for reporting purposes. We have a passion for analytics and can help streamline your reporting function into a professional dashboard or business intelligence application.  What makes us unique is that we offer this service without disrupting your current systems and software.  We make use of smart integration models so you can plug and play into our powerful business intelligence platform.

Information at your fingertips.

We offer quick and easy reporting and business intelligence solutions via excel dashboards or we can put the information at your fingertips via our Qlikview platform. More than 28,000 organizations in more than 100 countries around the world depend on QlikView to help them drive smarter, faster decisions every day.  QlikView is changing their world by providing them with an easy-to-use, yet incredibly powerful Business Discovery platform that offers deep insight and clarity so decision makers at all levels of the organization can take proactive action.

Our QlikView capabilities can streamline and automate the extraction and conversion of your data and enable you to view your data in an interactive application from anywhere in the world.


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